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The Pixie Bob breed is rather unique in its ability to capture the hearts of many people who had never before thought of themselves as cat lovers. It has been called the canine of cats both because it is a loyal family member that trains to walk on a leash (if you start early) and because it travels so well in a car. The Pixie Bob has developed a reputation for being an over-sized cat, especially among the males.

However, most breeders consider it a medium-large feline. Certainly, there are numerous examples of mixed breed cats and other breeds which will match its weight. However, this is a heavily muscled breed with heavy boning and it often looks larger than it is. Males are generally 15-20 pounds (some, but not all, reach 25 pounds) while females are about a third smaller, generally 8-15 pounds.

This site is dedicated to providing not only information about the kittens we have available, but also to provide all kinds of information about the Pixie Bob and its characteristics, temperament and feeding habits etc.

To find our more about the Pixie Bob, please feel free to browse our site.

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We are a Pixie Bob breeder of full Pedigree Pixie Bob kittens and are located in the Sheffield area, close by Junction 31 of the M1. Viewing is available by appointment only, so please contact us if you would like to visit.

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Akecheta Pixie Bob are proud to be a T.I.C.A. registered breeder, and strictly adhere to their CODE of Ethics.

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Maddie - One of our home bred cats.

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